N.Z. Institute of Hazardous
Substance Management (Inc)

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NZ Institute of Hazardous Substances Management

Since 2002 the NZIHSM has represented people working in the private sector and in government who deal with hazardous substances.

The NZIHSM is an organisation who represents people who work in the community using Hazardous Substances. In particular the NZIHSM represents Hazardous Substance Professionals such as Hazardous Substance Compliance certifiers and enforcement officers and Users of Hazardous substances in their operation and understanding of requirements under the Hazardous Substance Regulations 2017 and associated legislation. A diagram outlining this is as follows:

Overview of HSNO.

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PO Box 10385
The Terrace
Wellington 6145
04 802-4079
04 384-4710
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Our email chat group is called "Hazchat". Members of the NZ Institute of Hazardous Substances Management Inc are welcome to join in.

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Have you thought of becoming a Compliance Certifier?

Hazards. At present, New Zealand needs more people to become Hazardous Substance Compliance Certifiers in order to meet current and future industry demands.

Our Compliance Certifier are very busy at the moment!

New Online training modules have been release.

Click here to learn more from HAZANZ about their Online Courses for Aspiring Hazardous Professionals.