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Notice from MBIE regarding the hazardous substances regulation changes:
The development of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations has been a substantial piece of work, involving the transfer and consolidation of requirements currently contained in 15 sets of HSNO regulations and approximately 9,000 HSNO approvals (approximately 210 group standard approvals, 7,300 deemed approvals for individual substances covered by HSNO transfer notices, and 1,500 approvals for individual substances).

This has now been completed under the Hazardous Substance Regulations 2017 for workplace Hazardous Substances with the Environmental and Explosives and non-workplace environments still under the HSNO Act.

In this period of H&S regulation change, specific items that NZIHSM are provided voluntary assistance for in amongst other items include:

any members who also want to assist are welcome to contact us at office@nzihsm.org.nz

New Zealand's workplace health and safety now has a new umbrella organisation. The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand - HASANZ which is almost five years old and still developing good practice along with our NZIHSM members for the past 15 years.